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*cha cha’s real smooth away from academic responsibilities*

sernioritis realllllll bad

Anonymous sent: I hope you die :)

I’ve yet to find a way around it, anon. Let me know if you stumble across any immortality potions (and when you do, direct me to a new line of work, please)

Anonymous sent: You are so gorgeous it's actually intimidating. I feel like if I'd ever had to have a conversation with you face to face I wouldn't be able to do so without constantly blushing, stumbling over my words and staring at the ground.

We’d be in the same boat, then. I’m insanely horrifyingly shy. You’re lovely, thank you :)

Edmund Blair Leighton - Pelleas and Melisande (1910)
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Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually that annoying giggly white girl in yoga pants w/ starbucks that everyone secretly hates.

then i smoke another joint and everything cool again but damn, though



my best friend alyssa’s long term girlfriend bekah, has been diagnosed with a pretty rare cancer. bekah is only 22 years old. they removed a football sized tumor from her adrenal gland in november at the national institutes of health in maryland. she has been recovering at home in washington…

me and my valentimes
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